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Unfortunately, some tenants assume that their personal belongings are protected by their landlord's homeowners insurance. It's important to note that your homeowner's insurance liability coverage doesn't protect you when you change residence. Everyone who rents a home in Florida needs a renters insurance policy. With our team of knowledgeable insurance agents at All Central Insurance Inc. getting the right renter's insurance to protect you against liability and damages/losses while living in your unit is easier and more affordable than ever.

Why you need Renters Insurance

Firstly, most landlords in Florida will require you to purchase renters insurance as a condition to rent an apartment. It may be written into the lease as for any other enforceable lease provision. Secondly, you need to protect your personal belongings because the landlord's insurance doesn't give you coverage. Thirdly, you need liability coverage to protect yourself against lawsuits when someone gets injured in your rented apartment.

Renters insurance is a "package policy" that includes a number of coverages that work together to give adequate protection in the event of disasters such as fires. In fact, most policies include wind coverage, unless you live in locations that are considered high risk for windstorms or at the coastal regions of Florida. Without wind coverage, you will not be able to make a claim for personal losses resulting from a storm.

What does renters insurance cover?

Your renter's insurance protects your personal property against a range of perils. In the event of a disaster or incident such as theft, All Central Insurance Inc. will pay you either the actual cash value of your property or a check for the replacement cost. If you suffer a loss that makes your rented home inhabitable, your policy will also cover the extra cost of your additional living such as the expenses you incur while staying in a hotel room. However, you should consult with your agent to ensure you understand your limits for additional living expenses so that you don't overspend in the hope that your insurer will cover everything.

Ensure that you are adequately protected while living in a rented home by purchasing sufficient renters insurance. Your policy will cover you whenever someone gets injured in your home or when you inadvertently cause damage to other people's properties. Visit our local offices today and our renter's insurance specialists will help you find the right coverage options for your rented house and personal properties.

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